"The Feast", with Pawel Jarodzki and Oliver Laric
Four Domes Pavilion, European Culture Congress 2011
Curated by Marianne Zamecznik

Excerpt from Marianne Zamecznik txt on the project “The Feast”:
“The Feast” presents the work of three artists, who all contribute to create a peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and reflection, where the audience can make the emotional transition between what has been experienced in the lecture halls and the art program.

The space is lit by daylight, shifting from the high sun at noon until the darkness of evening - the light inside the space mirrors the outside. The light shining through the twenty tall windows will be dyed in the colors of the rainbow. Norwegian artists Josefine Lyche has borrowed the colors from the so-called Roygbiv “system”. Roy G. Biv is a mnemonic for the sequence of hues in rainbows and the visible spectrum. Lyche has distributed the colors according to the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical series discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci in the 12th century. The series is found throughout nature, from leaf arrangements in plants to the human body. The System shows that in order to reach the logical number following the last, you have to look back in the sequence and sum up the previous numbers. According to the artists, this can easily be translated to human history, and explain how we must look back, to our ancient history and culture to reach a higher level of consciousness and finally eternity: Phi. The Fibonacci sequence shows how life intelligently develops its own design by looking back to its previous level and adding it to its state of being in order to reach the next level. It describes life as it is, how it was, and how it will be, and how these three time-dimensions are interrelated.